We had Triplets!

On April 11, 2016, our world changed in a split second. We got the amazing news we were expecting triplets! We went into our appointment hopeful that it was our turn to see a heartbeat. To say we were shocked would be an understatement.

Will immediately had to head back to work, I had a Target run to do. I was shaking and smiling as I browsed the baby aisle. How are we going to do this? THREE of everything? How many diapers? Should I start buying diapers today? HA! So I bought 3 pairs of little shoes and covered them up in my cart, just in case I saw someone I knew. 

In the next few weeks we told our parents and at 12 weeks shared the news with everyone. On May 9th we had our first appointment with high risk where we would be seen from then on. Once you meet with a high risk doctor you realize the very low percentage of people who make it to the end with triplets. I was scared every single day of this pregnancy.

At my 27 week appointment I got put on immediate bed rest because of high blood pressure. Our Baby C had been having low blood flow the entire pregnancy and at 27 weeks would not be big enough to survive. I cried and just wanted to make it a little longer for our sweet Baby C.

Weeks and weeks went by and that belly kept growing as I continued to not go into labor. Will worked every day and would sleep on a couch by my side every single night. Everyday was another day closer. We got an ultrasound everyday to check on the blood flow and Baby C kept gaining ounce by ounce.

This was taken the night before my water broke and we had the babies. 31 weeks.

September 21, 2016, our triplet boys were born. Tiny + mighty.
Baby A: Preston 3lb. 5oz.
Baby B: Connor 3lb. 11oz.
Baby C: Max 1lb. 6oz.

We spent the next several weeks with 3 babies in the NICU, which were the hardest weeks of our lives. Getting discharged from the hospital and going home empty handed was heart breaking. We knew we would have babies in the NICU, but nothing can prepare you. Nothing.
Preston and Connor came home on October 30th.
On November 29th we were all under one roof when Max came home and it was truly a miracle to have them all back together.

Life with one newborn isn’t easy. Life with three takes it to an entirely different level. We lived by a schedule. We had a book of bottle times, diaper changes, and naps. The next few months went by in a blur, but so much love and happiness watching them grow.

Life with triplets has been nothing short of amazing and exhausting all at the same time. We honestly wonder what we would do with just one?!

That is a very small glimpse of our story. I hope to share more on certain topics of raising triplets along the way!

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