A day in the life with Triplets

3 kids the EXACT same age.

Sometimes I am still in shock that this is our life. Luckily, we know no different and this was our normal from day #1.

I thought it would be fun to do a day in the life of having triplets…

From the day we brought them home from the NICU we have always followed a schedule. A schedule=sanity.

They usually always wake up around 7:00.

Breakfast is around 7:30-8:00 and is usually muffins, pancakes, oatmeal or waffles I have made and ready to go in the freezer. Some fruit, yogurt, and/or cottage cheese. Most days we can count on them to eat a solid breakfast.

After breakfast the day can begin. We run errands some days. Read lots of books. If it is nice out we take the morning to enjoy the outdoors. My theory is fresh air is always good for the soul and puts everyone in a good mood. Even on cold days we bundle up and spend some time outside to make everyone happy!

Lunch is around 12:00. Lunch is usually leftovers or some type of sandwich. A favorite is avocado toast…winner for everyone!

This lunch was pork meatballs with shredded apples and carrots (my mother-in-law made them!) , roasted carrots, bow tie pasta with a little red sauce and fresh mozzarella balls, apple slices, and half a cheese stick.

Naps are around 1:00 and are between 2-2.5 hours.

Once naps are done we spend some time waking up and cuddling until they start asking for “snacks!”. We do a simple snack of crackers and/or fruit to hold them over until dinner. Then, more playing until I start dinner.

Will is usually home around 6:00 and we eat as soon as he gets home.
Dinner is sometimes hit and miss with the boys. I try to give them some sort of version of what I am making for us, sometimes they eat really well, other times not so much.

After dinner we do baths and finish off the night with cuddles and books.
Bedtime is between 7:00-7:30.

We have been so lucky to have kids who easily go to bed (fingers crossed it stays that way). We don’t make bedtime a “thing”, it is simply grab your blankets and up to bed we all go.

A schedule is key for us, it doesn’t work for everyone. They have been amazing sleepers and our schedule seems to work for us. We are finally getting out more and doing things as they get older. However, we are always home for naps and rarely are they up past their bed time.

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