Snowy Weekend

Our weekend was a relaxing one and we didn’t leave the house–which is okay by me after a busy week at the bakery.

Late afternoon on Saturday we got hit with an ice storm followed by a few inches of snow topped with crazy cold temperatures. Saturday night was spent at home playing and making spaghetti (a perfect Saturday night in my books!).

Sunday we woke up to a snow covered yard-it was beautiful. It also meant no long run was happening due to icy streets.

We started the morning with hot coffee for Mom and Dad and a delicious breakfast for the boys.

A little haircut trim. Don’t let that smiley picture fool you. They HATE getting their haircut.

We spent the entire day in our jammies and watched Will make 3 snowmen and shovel the driveway.

Sunday night was topped off with having Mimi and Bop (Will’s parents), Aunt Carrie, and Uncle Kevin over for soups and grilled cheese!

A slow weekend at home is the best start to the week. I am off every Monday and Tuesday which gives me two additional days to have with the boys and get caught up on everything for the week.

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