Friday Favorites #1

Happy Friday! Do weeks just fly by for everyone?

This is my first Friday favorite post and I thought this might be a fun place to talk about some of my favorite things from the week!

By far my favorite thing on a Friday is coming home to my sweet boys. I work long hours Wednesday-Friday plus work every Saturday. Come Friday I am ready for a night with my boys. We rarely do anything on Friday nights due to my work schedule and how early I get up on Saturday. There is seriously nothing better than coming home to your kids greeting you at the door. The BEST!

I did a fun lunch for the boys this week. Ice cube tray! Genius right?! Used up super random things (mainly finger food type things) and it was a huge hit. I am way into plating super fun plates for them, definitely the chef comes out in me when it comes to meal time for them. This was a nice change from a standard plate and made them really interested in everything.

I am trying to start reading more. My 2019 resolution. I picked this book up from the library this week and it has me hooked. I love crawling in bed at night and picking up a book instead of my phone.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend filled with fun and relaxation!

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