Dave’s Birthday!

Happy Monday friends! Hope everyone is ready for the week ahead.

Our weekend was a good one over here.

Friday night was a cozy night at home with dinner, books, and lots of jumping!

Saturday night we had a belated Christmas party for my staff. I have two part-time employees at my bakery and we took our party of 6 (Will + their spouses) to a local restaurant, Haub Steakhouse. The food was great, but the service was far from impressive. In the end, we had a fun night celebrating with my staff outside of the bakery.

Sunday started off with a 19 mile run for me!

I got an early start as the sun was rising and there was absolutely no wind which made for a great winter morning run.

The rest of our Sunday was filled with grocery shopping and some cooking because it was my Dad’s 65th birthday! The entire afternoon was spent admiring Dave’s (yes, my kids call their Grandpa “Dave”) carrot cake. We had him over for dinner, cake, and presents.

Ice cream and cake for everyone!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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