Traveling + Kids

Will and I spent our first few years of marriage taking advantage of traveling. It was amazing to visit friends in new places and traveling around just the two of us.

I always had dreams when we would have kids of where I wanted to take them. My motto is travel. See the world. However, when we had triplets it definitely wasn’t that easy.

We had to sit out of a few vacations because it wasn’t easy to bring 3 babies in tow on a trip like one baby would be. I felt like we were failing and constantly saying no to even small weekend trips because it was too much.

This past summer we went on our first family vacation and it was a success! the boys’ were almost 2. We only went 5 hours away and had Will’s family for help, but it gave us the confidence we needed to keep going. We went to Union Pier, Michigan, and it was relaxing and easy going.

Will and I hope to show the boys’ all the amazing places in this world and continue to keep traveling at the top of our list.

Traveling with kids will never be easy or never have moments of “what are we thinking!”

I am also a huge control freak and planner. I worry about everything they eat. So on this road trip they got their first McDonald’s Happy Meal. I realized to just let the little things go. A few fast food chicken nuggets and fries is not going to hurt them.

The stuff it takes to go on a trip with 3 little humans! I swear I packed for weeks constantly thinking of something else we needed.

After a successful Michigan trip we got the courage to do something on our own. Later that summer we did a weekend trip to St. Louis just our family of 5. We went to the zoo, the arch, and walked downtown. We booked a hotel within walking distance to restaurants which was key. And guess what? We did it all on our own! We had lots of high-five moments and also times when all 3 wanted carried, but we figured it out.

We have our next family vacation booked for this summer and we hope to continue saying “YES” to trips and adventures for our family.

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