Friday Favorites #2

We made it to the weekend! Polar Vortex got us this week! The temperatures were in the negative degrees. Brrr! The boys did love waking up to a dusting of snow 2 days in a row though.

The bakery is crazy busy this weekend so I am hoping to get through that, but a Las Vegas trip on Sunday is on the horizon so I think I can do it. We surprised my mom at Christmas with a trip to Las Vegas for her 60th which is on Monday! And boy did we surprise her. It was the absolute best seeing her face. It will just be the two of us so Will can be back with the boys. I will definitely recap our trip!

Hope you have a fun weekend ahead!

Here are a few Friday Favorites this week:

These carrot oat bars by Lindsay. Oh my. With a little extra prep when I roasted veggies for the week these came together in minutes. A good snack or dessert for everyone.

My Aunt sent the boys’ some stickers and they have been a hit. It is hilarious finding random stickers around the house and instantly makes me smile.

Connor loves to watch what is going on in the kitchen from his little perch. Constantly asking “what dis?” makes me laugh the entire time I am cooking and I hope he will stand their watching me forever. And a bonus is he will usually snack on any vegetable I toss his way as I cook. Winner!!

I am loving my new book for this week. I just started it last night and I have heard nothing but great reviews about it! Can’t wait to dig deeper into it.

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