Friday Favorites #3

Happy Friday! This week flew by in a flash with traveling the first part of it. Our weekend is completely blank with absolutely no plans and I am 100% okay with that. I have the last long run of my training, so fingers crossed that goes well and I can see the marathon weekend in the distance!

Check out our first few days in Vegas recap. I will be back this weekend to recap the last few days out there. First, let’s talk about some favorites this week.

What I am loving most this week is being back home with my sweet boys (Will included). Being away from them for three days was really hard. It is crazy how much they change in just a few short days. I have loved our past few nights full of snuggling.

Books. These boys are obsessed with books. There is nothing I love more than seeing them tucked away in a chair just looking at a book. Hope this love continues! New mamas check these books out. They don’t have words but the details are amazing and perfect for talking out loud about different things they see.

Bath time. They are so much fun and everything ends up completely soaked when all 3 decide they need to “SPLASH!”. To be honest baths used to be exhausting when they were little. Now, they absolutely love it and I love hearing them laugh and play together even if we end up soaked while doing it.

Hope you have a great weekend!

What is one thing you are loving most this week?

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