Las Vegas-Part 2

I am back to recap the rest of our trip! You can find Part 1 here.

Tuesday was completely wide open with only having a show on the agenda for later that night. We woke up early and I ran up down the strip while my mom walked before it was very busy. With starving bellies we walk over to the Paris hotel and had breakfast at the Le Cafe lle St. Louis. 

We shared a veggie omelet with goat cheese and a waffle with warm syrup. It was the perfect start to our last day in Vegas.

Then we made the hike through the rest of the hotels on the left side of Bally’s. We went through Excalibur Hotel and then on to Mandalay Bay. We took our time through Mandalay Bay and even had a detour to learn some roulette at 10am in the morning. We got a good lesson on everything we would ever need to know, however, we walked away with no big winnings!

After losing $20 we were off to MGM Hotel to find the Dapper Doughnut.

Six mini doughnuts fried and topped right before your eyes. Next time you see these do yourself a favor and get them!

After some walking and more shopping we stopped at Planet Hollywood to refuel with some afternoon drinks and a pretzel as big as our head!

After walking over 25,000 steps for two days we decided to end our last afternoon with massages back at our spa inside Bally’s. It was the perfect way to celebrate and end on a relaxing one.

After an hour of being completely pampered it was off to an early dinner before our Cirque De Soueil show “O” at the Bellagio Hotel. We had dinner at Sea which was located in our hotel.

The show was absolutely amazing. It left me in awe of the talents these people have. It was a 90 minute show and it was over before I even realized it. These shows take so much skill and practice but this one included water which took it to an entirely different level.

After the show and non-stop talking about every detail on our walk, we had one more thing left on our Vegas to-do list–go up in the Eiffel Tower remake they have to see the strip at night.

This is a must do when in Vegas.

Because we did the High Roller during the day we thought this would be a fun thing to do at night. I would think you could probably do one or the other or do one during the day and one at night. This takes you 46 stories up with 360-degree views of everything.

Everything about Las Vegas was bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. I will forever cherish those 3 days of time with just my mom making memories and checking off another destination on the map!

If you have been to Las Vegas what is your favorite thing?

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