Friday Favorites #4

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week.

This week went by in a blur because of the madness of Valentine’s Day at the bakery. The bakery was really busy which left me feeling ready for the weekend on Thursday already! So I think a relaxing weekend is on the horizon for us. Last week the ice cancelled my 20 mile run so that is my main goal for the weekend! Hope your weekend is a good one!

Let’s dive right into Friday Favorites!

Going out in public solo:

Sounds so simple right? Not with triplets.

I have done the grocery and Target by myself when I can corral them in a cart, but nothing more than that. So earlier this week I conquered my fear of taking all three by myself into a local doughnut shop for some doughnut holes. And guess what?! They did SO great! They walked in holding hands and we sat right down and enjoyed the perfect little morning date. Success! It’s the little things in life, right?

My guitar loving boys:

We have been to church a few times and they have a guitar playing the music and the boys have been hooked since. When we say we are going to church they instantly say “guitar?”. So currently our make-shift guitar is a broom! They walk around strumming it and singing their own little beat and it just makes us laugh all day long.

Selfies with 2 year olds

It has been hilarious the random selfies that have been taken with the boys. They have never really been that into our phones, but lately they will say “cheese!” and then want to see the picture. The recent love of selfies has stepped up when they can actually see themselves while taking the picture! Pure entertainment around here folks!

Have a great weekend!

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