Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

Our weekend was filled with fun + relaxing. Just how we like them!

Our Friday night was a wild one. Homemade strombolis and some super hyper toddlers. The boys love when Will gives them “rides” as he flies backwards and everybody screams. So maybe that is why we had some hyper boys?!

Saturday was our usual work and we each got a short run in. We then had a night planned for dinner out just the two of us, which was such a treat! We went to a local restaurant, R’z, and it was absolutely wonderful. We shared the nachos for an appetizer and I had the special of the night which was an ahi tuna steak, and Will had a burger. We loved everything and can’t wait to go back soon!

Sunday started before the sun came up for me. I was out to conquer my 20 mile run after last weekends ice pushed it back. I like to get an early start so my day isn’t taken up with hours of running. This was my last long run before race day (2 weeks away!) and it went perfect. I swear this running 3 days a week + chasing triplets training is working this time!

Sunday was the usual grocery store, laundry, and a little food prep day. After naps we had a fun afternoon planned. We took the boys’ to their first University of Evansville Aces basketball game. Will grew up going to these games and we can’t wait to continue the tradition on with them. They have taken an interest in shooting hoops at home and watching Duke play with Will so we thought a 3:00 game would be the perfect day to try it out.

I think they were very overwhelmed with the whole experience, but they sat on our laps the entire game. So we will call that a win even though the Aces lost.

After the game Carrie & Kevin had us over for dinner and we enjoyed a Mexican feast which was such a treat. I am still thinking about the delicious taco. We love our Sunday night dinners with everyone and having Carrie & Kevin just 10 minutes away now!

Have a great start to your week!

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