Friday Favorites #5

The weekend is here! How was your week? We don’t have any major plans for the weekend besides it looks like it is going to be super rainy and wet even though temperatures Saturday are going to reach 70! We are ready for you springtime.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Let’s dive right in to Friday Favorites.

  • Playing together.

The boys are finally starting to realize they have instant friends at home. Their little imaginations are taking off and seeing them play together makes my heart explode. They will chatter to each other, start laughing, and run off together doing whatever they said.

Don’t get me wrong, the bickering is also at an all time high right now. Every few minutes there is a push, hair pull, or bite happening and I am thinking we have hit the terrible 2’s. I am ready for it to be GONE! It is so easy to get frustrated, but I know this is just a phase.

  • Speech with Max man.

Every Monday Max goes to speech. It is just the two of us. It is so sweet to see him on his own and thriving with his speech therapist.

We really need to do more one on one time with each boy. Having triplets never allowed us anytime with just one and we honestly have never just taken them each individually to do anything–new goal for this Spring!

  • Spin Bike.

Since my 20 mile run last Sunday I was super sore and really tired. I have had a few days on the spin bike and it has helped me recover dramatically. Marathon day is a week away (EK!) and I am trying to get my legs ready and refreshed. We have our spin bike upstairs and it makes it so easy to do it when the boys nap or go to bed.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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