Marathon Weekend

I crossed the finish line!

Will and I headed down to Chattanooga, Tennessee late Saturday morning so we could make it for packet pick-up. We hit a lot of traffic and construction and made it with a minute to spare. With my bib number in hand we checked in the hotel and headed out for dinner.

We made a trip to Chattanooga a few years back and stayed at the same hotel so we were familiar with the restaurants we could just walk to.

We went to the Feed which unfortunately was an hour wait so we sat at the bar until our table was ready. We got a brussel sprout artichoke dip to start which was perfect. Will got a chicken sandwich and I had their hempnut quinoa burger, so with full bellies we walked back to the hotel to call it an early night and get some rest.

The race had a start time of 7:30am and 100% chance of rain all morning that left me super nervous.

Will drove me to the athlete parking lot with just enough time to do some more stretching and make my way into the corral. At this point it wasn’t raining so I finally calmed down a bit. The race began and I found my rhythm right away. I always go out way to fast in races so that was really my main goal for the first half. I saw Will at mile 2 before we looped around on a bridge to the other side of the river. It was such a great course but had some major steep hills that I knew would get me on the second loop around for the marathon portion.

The sprinkles came and went and got heavier at times, but so far the rain was holding off which was huge considering it was 100% chance! I crossed the half way point at 1:50 and felt strong and ready to tackle the last half.

The number of runners at this point went down dramatically but I found a group that I tried to stay with which kept me going.

Mile 22 came and I mentally hit a wall and had some step hills to conquer. Luckily, I saw Will and he ran with me for a few miles to help me get up the last set of hills. Will left to go meet me at the finish line so I knew the rest was mental. Mile 24 came and so did a thunderstorm with pouring down rain. I had to walk off and on the last 2 miles because mentally I was done and the rain didn’t help.

I crossed the finish line at 3:54!

I started this training 16 weeks ago with a goal of 4 hours. It physically is not easy but once I got to mile 22 I had to just keep mentally telling myself I can do it.

This guy right here is my #1 fan. He ran over 15 miles chasing me around the course just to keep me going. He rode his bike in freezing cold temperatures while I trained during the winter months to give me water (and thanks to my parents for always watching the boys!). It takes a village people.

Having triplets, working full-time, and just life make it really hard to do something for yourself, but in the end it feels so great to accomplish something I worked so hard for just for myself!

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