Friday Favorites #7

It’s Friday!! Whoa!

How was your week? What are you looking forward to most this weekend? Right now we have absolutely nothing planned for the weekend!

Our week was rather calm and quiet. Will took Monday off after our weekend in Chattanooga so it made the week seem extra fast.

Let’s take a dive right into my Friday Favorites.

Making Breakfast with Memaw.

My mom sent me this picture of the boys helping her make waffles.

My mom has them on Wednesday and Friday. Will’s parents (Mimi and Bop), have them on Thursday. There is nothing I love more than getting pictures while I am at work of what they are up to that day. We are so incredibly lucky that our parents offered to do this when I went back to work. I hope our boys will have some amazing memories to look back on of these special days with them.


I have spent the past 5 days stretching and recovering from my marathon on Sunday. It feels really weird not thinking about an upcoming race. Training for 16 weeks prior to the race had me always thinking about the next run I had on my calendar. My plan is to take a few weeks off to fully recover. I am more than ready to spend our Sunday’s relaxing with my family instead of getting up before the sun to get a long run in.


Why are triplets included in my Friday Favorites? Because sometimes I get so wrapped up in cooking, cleaning, working, and just life that I truly do over-look the fun having triplets really is. Very few people get to experience triplets, and we are one of the lucky (or not so lucky-ha!) people that get to. When I catch moments of them talking and playing together I feel so lucky we are triplet parents.

Cooking Perch X3.

Back a few Friday Favorites ago I talked about Connor getting on his perch to watch me cook. Well, now the perch has grown to 3 little boys. Everyone has to have a spot to “watch mama” cook. It still cracks me up every night and they all ask a million questions about what everything is.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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