First Movie

Just like that the weekend is over. Hope everyone had a good one.

Here is a little recap of ours.

Friday we went over to my Aunt and Uncle’s for some fish dinners that their church was hosting. Around here during Lent a lot of local churches host “Fish Dinners” on Friday, and they are do darn delicious. They hand batter and fry the fish with some homemade sides to go with it-you can’t beat it!

We got carry-out and had a fun night with them and my cousin who has twin girls! Lots of multiples run in my family.

Saturday rained pretty much all day. When I got home from work it was pouring and the boys have recently been into wanting to watch a movie. They crawl up in our bed and say “watch movie”. We started Toy Story probably 5 weeks ago with just a few minutes here and there.

On Saturday, I don’t know if it was the rain, dark room, or the fact it was close to nap time, but we watched almost 30 minutes and finished our very first movie! Snuggling everyone was the perfect end to a long work week at the bakery and start my weekend. I can’t wait until our 1st trip to the actual movie theater can happen–I am sure it won’t go as perfectly as it will in my head though!

I spent nap time meal planning for the week ahead and taking it easy. We cooked dinner and watched Duke basketball for our crazy Saturday night.

Sunday seemed like a blur with the time change. We went to early mass, which was actually REALLY early due to the time change, I ran to the grocery store, and the highlight of the day was we removed the baby gates from our office! They officially have freedom on the first floor. They spent the afternoon looking out at the neighbors boat and were completely fascinated with the boat and no gates.

We headed down to Will’s parents for Sunday night dinner with everyone. Dessert ended with Will having 3 little ducklings begging for more ice cream.

Another weekend spent with family leaves the weekend ending on such a high note. Have a great week!

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