Friday Favorites #8

Happy Friday! Another week has went by. How was your week?

We had some struggles with Daylight Saving Time at the beginning of the week, but I think we are back on track. The boys were taking a nap until almost 5:30 on Monday and Tuesday which left our 7:15pm bedtime a little off. Whew! Who knew an hour could throw a schedule off so much!

Let’s take a look at some Friday Favorites from the week!

Shoot like Duke.

Every basketball game they see is “DUKE” to them. So when they shoot around on their little hoop they say “DUKE!” and it is the best. We do make over half of a basketball team already!

When we took them to the Evansville Aces game they thought it was Duke. Close enough right? Ha! We won’t tell them any different until they are old enough to realize the huge difference.

Fresh Air.

Monday was the perfect day to get outside after lunch. We grabbed buckets and set out to explore the yard and collect everything.

They are at the best age right now with their imagination. It is the simple things that make them so excited. It makes me truly stop and realize the little things in life really do mean so much.

Feeding Baby Jayjay.

My best friend has a little baby named Jay. The boys are obsessed with him. Everything is Jayjay.

The other day they all had to feed Jayjay oatmeal. Jayjay goes in their shopping carts to the grocery store to get pizza, he gets tucked in blankets, and he has to get his diaper changed. Their little babies are definitely a part of our family and included in everything we do!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

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