Living for the Weekend

Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend!

As we were cooking dinner Sunday night Will happily mentioned how he lives for days like this. And it is so true. Sunday was just the perfect day in our eyes.

Let’s back up and recap earlier. Our Friday and Saturday were pretty low-key. Saturday afternoon I had my cousins bridal shower who gets married at the end of May. It was so fun sitting around chatting with all my Aunts and cousin’s for a few hours. We did an early church service Saturday and came home to make homemade skillet pizza and of course watch Duke WIN the final game of their tournament!

Sunday began with my first run post-marathon! I have been dreaming of running again and could not wait to get out. I only did 3.5 miles but it felt amazing to get some fresh air to begin the day. We then headed off to get doughnuts! This is their 2nd trip to the local Donut Bank and once again doughnut holes are a HUGE hit with the triplets.

Our main goal for Sunday was to get our garden prepped and ready and some lettuce planted. Rural King, a local farm/outdoor supply store, was conveniently located next to Donut Bank for us to make a stop in to grab all of our supplies. We grabbed seeds, dirt, and got to check out some chickens and bunnies as a bonus!

With the van loaded down we headed home to get started. The boys helped us get everything mixed up and ready to go. We ended up getting spinach, romaine, and some kale planted.

Spending the entire morning outside was so refreshing for everyone! Bring on Spring.

Sunday afternoon I started on meal prep when they went down for a nap. We grilled burgers as the perfect end to a seriously much needed outdoor weekend!

Have a great week, friends!

Do you live for the weekends?

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