A Recharge Weekend

This was definitely a recharge weekend. As I mentioned in my Friday Favorites this weekend was much needed. It was the perfect balance of productive, playing, naps, and seeing family.

Friday we played outside and got some much needed fresh air!

Saturday was almost a 12 hour day at the bakery that left me feeling absolutely exhausted at closing time. We had some adorable cakes go out and a very busy end to the week.

We spent Saturday giving them handsome new haircuts and each taking turns doing afternoon runs. It was sunny and the perfect day for our first run in shorts + a t-shirt!

Saturday night we headed down to Will’s parents because Evan was in town. Mimi found an old Woody of Evan’s that they loved because we are now on Toy Story 3 and they are obsessed!

His brother, Evan, lives in Indianapolis and came home to meet Henry for the weekend. We enjoyed a night snuggling Henry, playing with Uncle Evan, and eating a delicious Mexican dinner. I took very few pictures of our weekend, but Evan saved the day and captured some amazing pictures to save the day! He needs to be my professional photographer for all the blog pictures!

Oh how a night with family recharges a person like no other. We are so lucky to have all of our family so close and see each other so often.

Sunday we did early church, pancake breakfast at a neighboring church with my mom, grocery, naps on the couch, runs, and watching lots of basketball. Sunday was exactly what I needed.

The highlight of the day was the anticipation of watching Duke play. Will went to Duke and is obliviously a huge fan. We even broke all the rules and had a picnic style dinner on a blanket in the living room just so we wouldn’t miss a minute of the game. The boys loved every minute of eating pizza on a blanket!

And DUKE WON! It was so nerve racking to watch but they came through! We are looking forward to another weekend of basketball in this house.

Hope you have a great week!

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