Friday Favorites #10

Happy Friday! Hope you have had a great week. I am looking so forward to a weekend with my boys!

Saturday looks like it is going to be filled with rain over here which is a huge bummer because it has been beautiful all week and we were looking so forward to spending the weekend outside. Our big plans are to get some new shoes for the boys–crazy weekend over here! In a matter of a week that out grew shoes and we are in desperate need of bigger shoes. So new shoes it is this weekend!

I didn’t snap many pictures of our week but here are some of my favorites!

Brother Snuggles

We did our weekly library trip this week and picked up Toy Story 3. Before nap on Monday they wanted to watch it so they crawled in bed and were really into it this time. We had spent the entire morning outside so they were extra tired.

They were so quiet and not saying a word. I looked over and saw Max cuddled right up to Connor. They do lots of hugs, but I have never seen them cuddle or show a ton of affection to each other. Sweet, sweet brother moment!

Big Boy Swing

My aunt and cousins came up to play on Wednesday and took the boys to the park. Max has been doing great on a big swing and absolutely loves it!

They are really into playgrounds right now. Every time they see one they demand to go to it which has resulted in lots of tears when it is not on our agenda to hit the playground at that moment. So Wednesday their day was made when they got to run around at the playground!

Toddler Plates

I have a true love for plating my toddler’s food. It is definitely the chef in me and I find so much joy in it-HA! Maybe it is seeing 3 little plates on the counter next to each other, maybe it is my love of cooking, or maybe it is just a really odd joy I have?! Regardless, I have so much fun cooking for these 3 little guys.

I am hoping to get more into food posts soon and share recipes!

I hope your weekend is full of fun! Have a good one.

One thought on “Friday Favorites #10

  1. Looks like the boys are getting some awesome home cooked meals from their baker mom! I don’t remember my mom ever making meals like that, BUT I know my mom put a lot of love into her food even if she didn’t plate it “perfectly”. 😉 … Please share your meal plans for the boys! 😀


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