New Shoes & Pizza Weekend

Happy Monday! Well, that weekend flew by. It was rainy here all day Saturday and Sunday felt like winter had hit again. So we spent zero time outside which was a bummer, but we still had a great weekend!

Friday afternoon when I got home from work they demanded on going outside. I needed to get dinner going and managed to compromise with them so they could play in the garage and I could cook-win, win! Do what you got to do sometimes. They love to haul everything in their trucks now, just like Grandpa Dave.

Saturday the rain came pouring in. Will managed to get a run in with just getting sprinkled on and I decided to just do the spin bike. We then headed to church, grabbed the desperate bigger shoes Preston and Connor needed, and met up with friends for pizza!

We went to local pizza place with our friends and the kids had a blast! I swear having other kids entertain our kids is the best way to do dinner.

They ate a ton of pizza and then we decided ice cream was our next stop. So off to Dairy Queen we went. Our Saturday night was a winner!

Sunday we started off slow and slept until 7am! Ah, a much needed slow morning around here. Will set of for his run and I went out as soon as he got back. I am trying to get back into some sort of running routine since the marathon. I went around 5 miles and I am finally feeling recovered and ready to up my miles again.

We hit the grocery store and spent the afternoon watching Duke (huge bummer they couldn’t pull that one off though). We cooked dinner and the boys went to bed by 6:45, because no nap meant we had some of the crankiest kids I have ever seen—X3!

Hope your week is off to a great start! Monday has already flown by so I have a feeling that is the start to a super busy week!

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