A Spring Weekend

Happy Monday, friends!

This weekend was jam packed and flew by in a minute I feel like. It was busy and a fun one.

Let’s recap the fun! However, I definitely slacked on taking pictures this weekend. Boo!

Friday afternoon we spent digging, playing in the dirt, and taking in all the fresh air. They thought taking their backhoes outside was the coolest thing ever. Our landscaping though is going to need some help after all this digging. These boys love the fresh air and have been sleeping like champs because of it.

We then joined my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins for one last Friday Fish Fry at a local church. We loved spending our Friday night with family.

Saturday afternoon we hosted our friends annual Easter gathering. We had a total of 16 adults and 11 kids. We enjoyed playing outside, eating, and of course an Easter egg hunt!

Last year, the boys had no idea what was going on. This year, however, was a totally different ballgame. They loved it. Max picked up one and looked over saw another one and flipped out! “MORE EGGS!”

We had such a fun night hanging out with our friends and letting the kids run wild. This is by far one special group of friends that is so rare to find and I feel so grateful when we can all get together.

Sunday our church hosted their annual auction. It is our biggest fund raiser and takes an entire year to plan. I spent the majority of the day up there, and definitely got out bidded on everything we had our eye on-ha!

Will enjoyed a fun Sunday playing with the boys and even though they called for rain it ended up being a gorgeous day out!

The weekends fly by, and here we are already to Monday. I feel like my to-do list is a mile long for the next few days and I hope to get most of it knocked out.

Have a great week!

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