Friday Favorites #11

The weekend is here!! Our weekend is completely wide open and I am one happy camper because of it. I love a weekend when we can just go with the flow and see what we want to do. Hope you have a great one!

Here are a few of my favorite things from this week:

Wearing Work Gloves like “Dave”

The boys call my Dad “Dave”. It is hilarious and odd all at the same time. We started out with Grandpa Dave when they were little and it immediately turned into just “Dave”. Now it doesn’t even phase me, but when Max said it to his speech therapist the other day she looked at me kind of funny and it made me crack up thinking about how odd it is they just say Dave.

So my Dad wears gloves to do everything. I mean everything. Max wanted gloves on the other day to work like Dave. So there it is. Max + gloves just like Dave!

Weekly Meal Prep

I get so much joy out of a successful few days of meal prepping on my days off. It seriously helps me survive the week. This was just a few hours during nap. I turn on music, have my list of what I need for the week, and just go to town on everything.

Our meals come together quick, the boys have food ready for lunch/snacks, and we have healthy snack options that are easy to grab.

Craft Day with Memaw

I walked in Wednesday to a little craft on the counter. It filled my eyes with tears. Not sending the boys to daycare means they have no structured craft times. Which means we have no fun seasonal crafts to hang around our house.

My mom had the boys make these adorable ducks and I immediately had to tape them on the cabinet to show off.

Backhoe Sighting

Our neighbor is putting in a fence and when a truck delivered this little Bobcat to move some dirt around the boys were instantly intrigued. I don’t think they moved for a solid hour watching him work. It was both relaxing for me and pure entertainment for them. Win win!

We hope your weekend is both relaxing + fun!
Have a great one, friends!

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