Friday Favorites #12

Welllll Friday is here my friends! Whew, I had so many intentions to post yummy recipes this week and it just didn’t happen. That is life. That is life owning a bakery. That is life with triplets. And that is life trying to soak up every minute with my family.

So we need to catch up from the past week! Here is a list of some of my Friday favorites that are making me smile and making me more excited for the weekend with my people + lots of family time for Easter.

Sunday Night Dinner

Because I failed to recap the weekend our traditional Sunday dinner is on my Friday Favorites. I truly love this tradition we have started. It makes me so happy the boys get to grow up with BOTH sets of Grandparents and cousins so close.

Preston never fails to find the baby instantly and pretend play the entire night. I think he is headed to be a great Dad in his future!

Baby + a whole apple=heaven for this little guy.

Monday + Tuesday

My Monday and Tuesday feel like my weekend because I am off. It feels like such a treat to spend so much time with the boys and I treasure these days every single week.

We had some great days outside playing! This Spring weather is amazing!

Just a city boy chugging along on my brothers old tractor.

Lunch Date

Will was off Wednesday so they went to the playground and lunch. Mimi, Bop, Aunt Carrie, and Henry joined in the fun. Will sent me this picture and I think the boys had a blast eating lunch with Carrie and Henry all at their own table.

Grilled cheese + ice cream from Lics for the win!

Brother Snuggles

Not very often do they all sit on the couch, much less under one blanket not fighting over it. So I captured this rare moment, even though I am pretty sure a few minutes later someone stole all the blanket and the tears started flowing. BUT I will take this sweet picture of everyone smiling! Post-nap sweetness is hard to beat.

Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by Triplet Kitchen.

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