Easter Weekend

Hi, friends! Hope you had a great Easter weekend.

Easter is such a wonderful holiday. This year was especially nice with it being so much later. Everything was blooming and the weather was perfection.

We had a great two days spent with family. Saturday we had my dads extended side at his house. This included 37 adults and 13 kids. Having a huge family gathering is something not everyone gets to have, we are so lucky to have such close families. I love seeing my kids around their 2nd cousins and spending time with my cousins. You can always count on plenty of food, laughs, and chaos in the driveway.

Sunday morning began with early church and breakfast at Will’s parents. She had the cutest egg hunt and each got their own Woody that have since been a new favorite toy.

We spent the morning outside basking in the wonderful sunshine. It was such a great morning to start the day.

Sunday afternoon we headed over to my Aunt Connie’s house who hosted my moms side. When you live close to all your family you get the bonus of seeing all your family at every holiday! We ate, ran around outside, and had one final egg hunt to the end day.

Holidays are both amazing and exhausting with little ones. You spend the day completely off schedule, no real meals, and eating sugar. We tried our best to embrace it, but sometimes you just need to be real. We did car naps from one gathering to the next which is far from our normal.

Having multiples you live each day on a schedule just to feel sane, however, realizing holidays are not very often we just have to relax and let a lot go for one weekend.

We enjoyed every minute we spent seeing family and catching up! Here is to the rest of Spring and sunshine days!

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