Friday Favorites #13

The weekend is here! How was your week? Big weekend plans?

We are swinging into the weekend over here…

Our weekend is wide open and that is just the way I like it. The stomach bug hit Will and I back to back over the past week (ugh!) and I felt like we were living in a fog/survival mode. Being sick as a parent is no joke, you still have to figure out work and being a parent all while juggling being sick. We made it through and we are looking forward to a fun weekend.

Let’s dive into some Friday favorites or maybe we should call it “Life Lately” because I feel like we need to do some catching up. Here is what we have been up to lately:

How do my boys suddenly look like grown ups?! I swear overnight they started talking more and instantly grew in height. We are loving the playground these days. Daily they ask to go up to the playground. Swinging and BIG slides are the new favorites!

These Magna-Tiles! Um hello hours + hours of entertainment. Connor has been sitting and building with these for hours. His little mind just thinks and builds some crazy things. It is so fun watching their little minds mature and do so much.

Kale + doughnut. Balance right? Max the other night was eating raw kale as I was making dinner. Raw and nothing on it.

The next morning we had a grocery date just the two of us and I let him have a treat. A massive doughnut it was. Two back to back pictures included Max chowing down on kale and a doughnut. This showed me life is all about balance, even with my 2 year olds. I sometimes get so caught up in having them eat good that I forget it is okay to have a treat.

I hope your weekend is a good. Spend it making memories and relaxing with your favorite people!

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