Mother’s Day Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated Moms. There are so many different types. Any type of woman figure in your life could be considered a Mom. I am beyond fortunate to have an amazing mom and mother-in-law that mean the world to me. I also get to be called “Mom” by three handsome little 2 year olds.

Mother’s Day isn’t easy for everyone. Some have lost their moms and some have that longing to be a mom. Either way it isn’t easy for everyone. Count your blessings and give an extra squeeze to those who mean the most.

We celebrated all weekend long and it was perfect. We celebrated my Mom Saturday night.

The boys spoiled me with gifts and coffee Sunday morning. Will’s family cam over Sunday for lunch. And to top it off Will had Monday and Tuesday off and let me tell you it was such a treat to enjoy some much needed time together.

I don’t know what I would do without my Mom. I seriously go to her for everything. She is so real, easy-going, and always has the most positive advice to hand out.

We spent our Sunday night grilling and going to Logan’s to get ice cream, we clearly don’t care about the weather because they were dressed in winter coats and all—all for ice cream!

We spent Monday and Tuesday working around the house and checking off a huge to-do list + managing triplets=HUGE VICTORY!

We took lots of golf cart rides, played at the playground, and even had a few meals out that were a huge success! We are finally tackling the public with triplets like pros!

Celebrating Mother’s Day puts so much in perspective. We find joy in celebrating and respecting our own Moms, Mothers-in-law, Grandmas, Aunts…etc. but we also get to see the joy being a Mom our self brings.

Being a Mom is truly amazing. They make you laugh, cry, doubt every decision, and give you the best hugs at the exact moment they are needed. I never knew being Mom could be so fulfilling. I love these 3 boys more than I ever knew possible.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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