A Simple Good Weekend

HI Friends!

This past weekend was simply a good weekend. Family time is always what I need after a long week of work, and that is just what we did.


We cleaned up a table that Will’s parents so graciously handed off to us and we absolutely love it! It cleaned up so great and we have been enjoying every meal outside on it.

So our Saturday night included pizza night outside. It was so perfect out and it was such a great start to our weekend.

We finished it with our favorite ice cream place and a pit stop at Grandpa Dave’s for a wagon ride.


Sunday we took a short little drive up to Bloomington to met up with Evan, who lives in Indianapolis, to have a belated Mother’s Day lunch for Amy. We got there a little early to have the boys run around before we made them sit for a meal.

It is always so great to see Evan and the boys loved hanging out! Uncle Evan is the BEST!

We had lunch at FARMbloomington and it was so delicious. However, the rain kind of put a damper on spending time on campus after lunch. Regardless, it was such a fun morning spent with everyone!

Hope your having a great week!

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