St Louis Weekend

This past weekend we headed to St. Louis for a few days. Will took off Monday and Tuesday so we took full advantage of having an extra long weekend together. St. Louis is a little over 2 hours away for us, it is the perfect weekend getaway! We had our days packed full of fun and the boys did great. It feels great to be able to do something on our own as just a family of 5.

We left late Sunday morning and arrived at the perfect time to have a picnic outside at the Botanical Gardens. I packed little lunches for the boys and we grabbed Jimmy Johns for an easy lunch before we started our day.

The weather was perfect and it was a great start to our weekend.

From there we headed out to Grant’s Farm. Getting into the parking lot was a long wait but it didn’t take long to pay our $15, find a parking spot, lather up on sunscreen, and jump in to the strollers to find the Clydesdale horses. The horses are in stables and out roaming some fields. They are absolutely breathtaking to see up close, and HUGE! After we saw the horses we got in the line to hop on a train that takes you out to the farm. Preston was not sure about this train ride because they took our strollers on a different cart, but he warmed up and enjoyed the views.

We got off the train and immediately saw the goats. You can pet and buy bottles of milk to feed the goats. The goats were clearly pumped full of milk and we found many of them lounging, and soaking up the sunshine while sleeping. The boys had no idea what to think of this concept. It was absolutely hilarious to see toddlers walking around with bottles trying to shove into these poor super full goats mouths.

We slowly made our way around the farm stopping to feed and pet several animals.

Grant’s Farm is also a small little zoo with some animals just to look at.

Overall we had a blast walking around and spent a little over 2 hours which was the perfect amount of time before we wanted to get checked in to our hotel and settled in.

We stayed at the Drury Inn downtown and scored a room with a view of the St. Louis Arch.

After we got settled in we went down to the lobby to enjoy happy hour and snacks before walking to dinner.

We walked to Pi, a really fun pizza place. It was busy and they had no outside seating left which was a bummer PLUS the pizza took over an hour. So let’s just say our dinner was a big fail, but all things considered the boys actually did really well, but they were not very interested in the pizza after the long wait. So we ate fast and enjoyed a nice walk back to the hotel where we found ice cream in our lobby and enjoyed it back in the peace and quiet of our hotel room. Sometimes when traveling with kids you just have to roll with it right!?

This was our first time not using Pack n Plays while traveling! So they enjoyed their first night in real big beds and they did great. Wiggly, but great nonetheless. Will and I did not sleep much, but they loved watching TV before falling asleep and soaked up staying up a little later.

Monday morning began bright and early with Starbucks coffee for Mom and Dad and breakfast down in the hotel lobby for everyone. We headed right down to the Arch where they have a TON of green space to let the boys run free.

It is absolutely perfect for kids and there wasn’t anyone else down there.

We checked out of the hotel and went out to the St. Louis Zoo. We took the boys last year , but because they were so small we thought we would try it again this year. They loved it!

They loved all the animals they could see and did great walking and sitting in the stroller. We went much faster this year and made our way around to just certain spots in about 2 hours before they started getting tired and ready for lunch. We found a cute lunch spot called Bloom Cafe where we ateoutside and enjoyed our last meal in St. Louis before hitting the road. I think they were all sound asleep before we got on the highway to head home-HIGH FIVES for all!

We absolutely enjoyed every minute of our little getaway to St. Louis. Every great experience traveling with the boys gives us more courage to keep it up. Not everything is easy, but the laughs and memories are so well worth it.

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