First Sleepover with Memaw

This past weekend was a big one over at our house!

We have left the boys a hand full of times for small trips but they have never stayed anywhere else. Our parents have always generously stayed the night at our house to make things easier. Three of everything is a lot to have at a grandparents house. Well, this past Saturday night my mom wanted to take the challenge of having their first overnight at her house in sleeping bags!

We talked about it all week-pizza, movie, popcorn, sleeping bags, Memaw house…what could be better?! They couldn’t wait!

We had a night out to dinner planned with Carrie and Kevin and would be at home just in case they needed to come back. It was the perfect trial. And it was Carrie and Kevin’s first time out since having baby Henry–win, win for us all!!

So Saturday came and the big day was here. We packed overnight bags, sleeping bags, Woody’s, and all the necessary blankets to go to sleep.

My mom sent a text a little after 9pm and said they were all asleep-YAY! I think my mom got very little sleep (bless her!) and the boys woke up bright and early but they did it! I love the memories they are making with each of their Grandparents. Once again we are beyond lucky to have our parents all so close and have such an amazing relationship with them.

They enjoyed pizza + broccoli for dinner.

Popcorn and a movie.

And snuggles in sleeping bags to finish the night.

We sure have some lucky little boys who are so loved by some amazing people. Thanks Memaw for taking on the challenge and giving us a fun night out!

One thought on “First Sleepover with Memaw

  1. Memaw sure enjoyed every minute of it!! The smiles on their faces as they sat at the bar and said “pizza at Memaws” just melted my heart!! Love, love these little guys!!


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