Father’s Day 2019

Raising tiny humans is no easy task. Raising triplets takes everything to an entirely different level. I always knew Will would be a great father. But, like everyone says, once you see them with their new role it puts everything in perspective.

He is the most patient man you will ever meet, he is all about helping out around the house, and is one darn good cleaner. I would have never been able to keep my sanity if it wasn’t for Will helping me raise these triplets.

Here are some throwback pictures I couldn’t help not including in a Father’s Day post. Ohhh my look at those chubby, round-faced, little babies!

Will has always been all in when it comes to helping. He changes diapers like a champ, we both did feedings, and of course there is always time for fun rides around the house!

We had a busy weekend celebrating! We went out to my brothers on Friday night and Saturday night we went to his parents.

Saturday night ended up being the perfect night for a swim! So Will and his Dad took the boys out–I don’t know who had more fun, Bop or the boys?!

Sunday we hung out at home and enjoyed the weather!

Father’s make such a huge impact on kids. We are so lucky to be blessed with both our Dad’s and now Will being able to build the foundation for our family.

Happy Father’s Day! Hope you had a great weekend!

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