Summer Fun Weekend!

This past weekend our small town had their annual festival called The Sommerfest. It starts on Thursday night and goes until Saturday night. It includes lots of local food booths, carnival rides and games for kids, a 5K run, parade, and a beer garden with bands for the over 21 crowd. It brings everyone out and is the best weekend of the year in Haubstadt. We truly look forward to this weekend every single year. The rain kind of threw some of the stuff on Thursday and Friday off, but all together it ended up being a super fun weekend!

We wanted to take the boys up Friday night for food and rides but it ended up raining a little later than we expected so we put the boys to bed early and got ready for our Saturday fun. All of our friends come up to do the 5k and hang out all day. It was an early morning over here with horrible thunderstorms rolling in and delaying the race a few hours. However, it ended up working out perfectly with the delay and later start time. We have the best group of friends!

They even have a kids race the boys got to join in on this year!

When it was time to go Preston and Connor turned the other way and Max wanted to be held he was so overwhelmed with everything. They ended up crossing the finish line with our help and earned their very first medal.

Preston has been wearing his medal every since-proud boy!

Will and I ran the 5k and our parents pushed the boys for the 5k walk.

We went back to our house for a fun grill out and hanging out with all our friends. Some went to the parade and we ended up hanging out until early evening. It is such a fun weekend and we love including all of our friends in our local small town fun!

We finished our Saturday night celebrating with ice cream!

On the Sunday night after the Sommerfest every single year we say we are glad it is only once a year :). Until next year Sommerfest…

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