Cashiers, North Carolina: 2019 Summer Vacation

Our summer vacation came and flew by in a flash. Isn’t that how vacation always is?!

We packed the van as full as it could get last Saturday and hit the road to Cashiers, North Carolina. Will’s mom found the best house for everyone way up in the mountains that we got to call home for the week! We arrived Saturday just in time to stop at the grocery to grab dinner and a few essentials and call it a night.

We woke up Sunday ready to explore and wait for the rest of the Tank family to arrive.

We tackled a small hike, Silver Run Falls by ourselves, found a super cute coffee shop, Bucks Coffee for breakfast, and a fun playground that we hit up multiple times during the week.

The rest of the week we spent doing some amazing hikes. Our hikes included Whiteside Mountain, Rainbow Falls, and High Falls in Glenville. High falls was by far our favorite and the waterfall and view at the end was worth every single step in the mud to get there! Will used the app, All Trails, on his phone to find hikes nearby and read reviews. Reading tips and reviews from others who had done the trails was a huge help.

Luckily, everyone was on board to help pack a triplet on the back–which was no easy feat!

We mainly cooked meals in just to keep everything simple. We did enjoy Slab Town Pizza for dinner one night and Whiteside Brewing Company for lunch.

And of course ended almost every meal with bowls of ice cream! Vacation right?!

We found a small little beach on the lake that the boys absolutely loved! It took major bribing to get them to come out when it was time to leave.

The views were stunning and the water was perfect.

The temperature in Cashiers were in the middle 80s during the day and low 60s at night which made for the perfect summer vacation away from Indiana humidity.

We had a pool at a local resort that we had access to, the guys all played golf one day, we found the best local Farmer’s Market, lots of running up the mountain hills, and we spent lots of time watching “Buzz and Woody”.

Naps were mainly in a stroller which is not ideal coming from kids who have lived on a schedule everyday of their lives. But, we made the best of it and everyone rolled with the whiny kids x3 come the afternoon.

We loved spending the week with family!

Henry was the best baby ever and seriously never made a peep all week. Matching cousin shirts for the win!

Driving home from a wonderful week away is always so bittersweet. We spent months planning, weeks packing, and then it goes by so fast.

I love the memories we made and will always cherish the traveling we do with our kids even during the stressful moments. It is so amazing seeing them take in the world!


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