Friday Favorites #15

Hellllo Friday! The weekend is here. Whew, this week felt like a long one and I am more than ready for a weekend at home with my boys. We haven’t a weekend all together at home in a few weeks so we are ready for the weekend! It is SO SO hot here in southern Indiana so we are hoping to have some pool time to beat the heat.

So here we go with the usual fun Friday Favorites:

1st Sleepover with Mimi and Bop

I have to highlight this special memory even though it was last week.
Last weekend the boys had their first sleepover at Will’s parents. Will was out of town and I work early on Saturday. So it was an opportunity for the first sleepover at their house to happen. Clearly they missed us?!

They did great and even got to go swimming after breakfast Saturday morning-lucky, lucky boys!

Potty Training

I don’t know if this should be a Friday Favorite or an entire post about potty training triplets?! HA!

Well we are doing it. Preston seemed ready when we got back from vacation and we had a week where we really had no plans so I went for it.

Potty training triplets=absolutely insantity.

They are actually doing really well. Fingers crossed we are almost there and I can do a post soon confirming we are potty trained!

Neighbor Tree Trimming

Our neighbors are building a garage and cutting down trees. The boys have been in heaven! So many fun things to watch. With potty training we haven’t left the house much so this gave us a change of entertainment. They pulled their chairs out front for a perfect view.

Sweet Brothers

All of a sudden these 3 are becoming buds. They give hugs, share toys, and ask where they are if they can’t find them in the house.

Multiples have such a special bond and I love seeing it come out as they get older. I hope they always remain friends and have a bond like none other.

What are your weekend plans?
What are you loving this Friday?

Have a great weekend!

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