Hot Air Balloon Festival

Happy Tuesday! I am behind on the weekend blogging but wanted to share some fun stuff we have been doing! The boys are at such a great age now that we can get out and do fun stuff. We are sad to summer ending, but we know the fall will be just as much fun!

Last weekend we drove about an hour and a half to Centralia, Illinois, for the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival they put on. We packed up the van with my mom along with us on Saturday afternoon and headed out for a fun weekend. We arrived around 4:00 which was ideal to grab an easy parking spot, a shaddy blanket spot, and take our time getting food before the crowd came.

We didn’t really know what to expect and the crowds started coming closer to 5:30 and it was getting packed along with really long food lines. They had an entire row for the food trucks with some yummy menus.

We grabbed food off and on and watched the vans pull in around us with hot air balloons in tow.

They slowly started unpacking them and blowing them up literally right in front of people. It was absolutely amazing to see the process so up close.

They played music, we ate popcorn, and enjoyed a sweaty night outdoors with everyone!

The main event is the the balloon glow which begins right when the sun is down. Unfortunately, a storm was coming and for the safety of everyone they had to cancel it. We were so disappointed, but in the end we had a absolute blast and we will definitely go back.

To end the night we made a pit stop for some ice cream to top off the fun day!

The entire event is so smooth and easy to attend with a family. Parking was a breeze. There is a ton of grassy areas to set up chairs and blankets. We can’t wait to make this a yearly event!

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