Triplets Turn Three!

Our tiny little NICU babies turned THREE this past weekend. Isn’t it crazy how fast time goes when you are watching your kids grow up?

I swear we were just on bed rest not knowing what everyday was going to bring. These 3 boys have showed us how wonderful life truly is and as hard as raising triplets might be, having multiples is such a unique gift we try to soak up every moment.

We had a small little family party on Sunday afternoon with some of our favorite people. Of course the theme was Toy Story, because Buzz and Woody is all we talk about at the moment.

We also are obsessed with the book Dragons Love Tacos, so tacos were the food pick from our 3 year old boys. They had so much fun running around the yard, eating tacos, enjoying multiple pieces of cake, and opening gifts from everyone!

Having a small party is not overwhelming for us to throw but such a fun little treat for the boys. This was the first year they seemed to really know what was going on. They understood it was their birthday which made it even more fun to make it extra special.

Hard to believe our sweet little boys are THREE! We can’t wait to see all the fun things we get to do this year with them!


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