Ending out 2019

HAPPY 2020!

Here we are a few weeks into 2020 and I am just now touching base. The end of 2019 was crazy. Everyone says they are busy and crazy though, right?

The last few weeks of the bakery closing left me absolutely exhausted, stressed, tired, doubting my decision, and looking so forward to the future all at the same time.

The bakery closed on December 14th which left a little over a week to clear it out, get ready for Christmas plus all the business the holiday season brings. So here we are half way through January!

The blog took the side burner while the bakery finished and we have lots to catch up on. The end of 2019 was full of memories with everyone we love!

We completed our first Toddle Time at our local library, we dressed up as the Three Amigos for Halloween and really got the hang of getting lots of candy!

We celebrated Thanksgiving, went to the Christmas tree farm to pick out the perfect one, and of course made cookies for Santa!

The 10 days between the bakery closing and Christmas I tried to soak up every moment with these sweet boys and the joy and wander they had for Christmas this year.

They truly made Christmas magical.

So come along as we start the year 2020 with a fresh start! I am SO looking forward to getting back into blogging and taking you along with me.

Bring on new life changes, goals, and challenges!

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