Friday Favorites #16

HAPPY FRIDAY! I feel like this is my first official Friday post that I legitimately have the Friday feels. What a feeling it is to love Friday!

I have spent the past 5 days potty training our last little guy. He is tiny and oh so stubborn. So this way pretty much my view for the week.

Preston and Connor were potty trained within days late summer and really easy. We had tried Max at the time and he just didn’t seem ready. Also, potty training 3 kids at the same time was very overwhelming, so we figured lets wait for Max to get older and try it later. Well, here we are. Potty training is exhausting, frustrating, and so mentally draining. Today, day 5, we are finally getting somewhere. Our weekend will be revolved around getting Max fully trained! Wild weekend over here my friends!

Lets dive into some Friday Favorites:


I talked abut transitioning from working to staying at home in this post last week. I really can’t process how wonderful and a blessing it has been to our family. These 3 keep me busy and constantly laughing!


Will’s Aunt gifted the boys the Highlights magazine and it has been such a treat for them to get in the mail!

They have spent hours looking at their “newspaper” and I have loved seeing them point out different things. I think it will become a bigger hit with them the older they get. There is nothing better than receiving mail when you are a kid. Keep this on your gift radar for kids of all ages.


I have always had a love of meal planning.

However, now that I am not working I love it even more because I know I have a lot more time throughout the day to prep for a more time consuming recipe. I am still trying to prep certain snacks and breakfast items on Monday to have for the week.

You have to put Pinch of Yum Feel Apple Muffins on your meal prep, they are so easy to make and are perfect for breakfast and snacks all week long! Meal prepping deserves its own post that is coming soon on everything I do and recipes we love.

I hope you have a great weekend! What is one thing you are Loving this Friday??

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