Day 17 of 365 Days of Food

Day 17:

Stuffed Potatoes Two Ways.

This is a meal I make two different ways to give both of us what we prefer for dinner. I love sweet potatoes and Will prefers a regular one. I want just veggies and Will wants chicken.

For the regular buffalo chicken potato I took frozen chicken breasts and put them in the crock pot with Franks Red Hot Sauce, garlic powder, and a splash of water on high for 4 hours.

On top of the cooked potato I put the shredded buffalo chicken, a few more shakes of hot sauce, cheddar cheese, and ranch.

For the sweet potato I roast a tray of broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts.

On top of the cooked sweet potato I put a stack of roasted veggies, bbq sauce, and cheddar cheese.

Try out different toppings on both a regular potato and a sweet potato for a new meal idea this weekend. Have a great Friday!

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